Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Op Shop Finds


Spent all day Monday op shopping in Bendigo and had a couple of great finds. My favourite is this vintage Conan the Barbarian tee which has an awesome print and was $10 from a junk shop. Then I bought a long floral skirt for $2 that I'll shorten and add funky buttons to. Last but not least I got this great pair of Wittner leather heels for $4. I thought they'd fit but they're a tiny bit too small, I'm devastated, I'll have to sell them.

Six months ago if something at an op shop was pretty I'd buy it; even if it didn't fit, didn't look great on or wasn't something that realistically I'd ever wear. Now my room is so full of clothes that I've had to start using the floor and any other exposed surfaces to store clothes that I've probably never worn. My room looks like a grave yard for vintage clothes. I've got to start getting rid of them! I'm thinking I need to do a market somewhere in Melbourne and just get rid of everything cheapy cheap. I'm too disorganised to use etsy or eBay.