Thursday, May 23, 2013

Events Photography

I've left my blog for a long time because I've been extremely busy lately. With university, a new and strange job, glandular fever and The Mindy Project, I have barely had any spare time. But I'm going to try and make time to keep my blog going.

I've recently started offering cheap photography and videography for events. I've done a couple so far and have another on tonight, so it's been going well.

Here are a few shots:

I've also done the videography for a wedding which turned out really well and I am just burning DVDs for the bride and groom now.

I'm really enjoying it. Editing the movies is a tedious job but at least I'm getting paid to do something creative and something that I enjoy.

If there's anything that I think I'm good at in life, it's seeing beauty in things. With a little practice and a little luck you can capture that beauty with a camera and that's why I love photography. Particularly events photography, so many happy, funny and loving moments to share.

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