Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion and photos

I was hoping to do photography classes once I got into the city but I can no longer afford it, so from now on it's practice practice practice.
I only wish I took it with me more places but I never seem to remember it, and if I did I think I'd probably take 2000 photos a day. It's really about quality not quantity though, and that's something I need to learn. That and the ability to take quality photos!
This is my best friend Shannon, as you can see she's absolutely gorgeous! She also has great style, and styled both these outfits pictured herself with some of my vintage clothes.
The coloured striped top which can barely be seen is a tight fitted men's 70s tee from Target. It is gorgeous but unfortunately I couldn't convince Daniel to wear it.
The blouse is a gorgeous sheer secretary blouse with a stunning front bib crochet detail (the photos don't do it justice!). I absolutely love it! Unfortunately it looks horrible on me and as a result i's up for sale on Etsy.

If you click this link you will easily see that I'm new to Etsy, and my shop is horrible and only has one item! But I'm working on it I promise!


  1. such a great blog, so much inspiration. Love your style, very similar to ours. Definitely coming back

  2. You look soo beautiful on these photos!!! I adore your blouse, too ;)

    xx alex

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  3. Such beautiful photos! Beautiful blouse!

  4. nice photos!


  5. Love the red lips!!!

    x x x