Thursday, January 31, 2013

I went to India and came back

I've been a long time gone from this lil blog of mine. Sorry about that, I was in India having the time of my life. I lived and worked with incredible kids and my awesome partner Milli at the Varanasi Integrated Institute for the Disabled for almost five months.

Rather than tell you about how amazing it was (there are no words), here are some pictures...

It was smiles all round. These pictures are just from the institute where I was working, I'll post some general India travel pics later.

Now that I am back in the country and getting on top of things I'll try to keep my blog updated, as a kind of person diary, or "this is what you accomplished" type thing. I'll be back in Melbourne this year for uni, and hopefully having another amazing year. I'm hoping to start making things, drawing, photoing, sewing etc again, I might even set myself a "make something every day" challenge for some fun.

Most of all I'm looking forward to the future and loving the now.

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