Sunday, July 8, 2012

Living in Paradise!

For those of you who don't know Melbourne, this gem of a lane is Degraves, one of many little indie graffiti, tasty food and artsy finds locations in our art-tastic city.

See that building in the background of the top photo, the one that if you look closely is labelled the "Majorca Building" ...well that's my building. Yes sir-ee, I now live in the centre of Melbourne, half a block from Flinders Street Station in the centre of the Melbourne arts hub.

This is my terrible excuse for not posting in such a long while. Moving is a pain and after doing it three times in the last four months, I'm more than wishing I could settle in this beyond marvelous location. But, alas, I am moving to India for four months come August, so it is just temporary. On other news, INDIA BABY!


  1. i would love to visit melbourne one day!! it looks very artsy and fun! we are about to move too and it is definitely no fun so i understand that :D


  2. The first dress is very pretty. Also your drawings are interesting!

    Cheers from Sydney :) x