Thursday, May 31, 2012

Game of Thrones Fashion Inspiration

I am in LOVE with the Game of Thrones, as much for the fashion as for the epic storyline. The costume designers really do go out of their way to create original and fantastic designs. 

These are my two favourite dress designs from the series and I'm pretty excited to have a go at DIYing something like them.

I have bought 2m of sheer black fabric and I'm hoping to create a dress in the same style as these two dresses in the sheer fabric with a black, bodycon strapless underneath. In my mind this is a stunning dress but who knows what will come out the other end.

I'm also planning to make a belt, kind of like the ones we see here, with the large metal clasps, but I want to make the rest out of neon perspex.

I'll post on the outcomes soon.

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