Monday, April 9, 2012

Sass and Bide Wishlist and DIY Inspiration

A few posts ago I mentioned that Sass and Bide are my over all favourite fashion design brand. This is why:

Check out this dress, I'm making one. I NEED IT, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Sass and Bide do cuts so well, they just get fabric!

God I wanted (and still want) this dress so bad! I looked everywhere but the big sizes sold out quickly!


Anyone could totally DIY that skirt!

And their colour palette is always perfect, like immaculate perfect.

I think I might try DIYing this with scrap fabric.

Another item to DIY for.

And this! So many ideas spring to mind. I think I'll cut the sleeves off a long vintage shirt and add some sheer panels to the bottom and wear it around like there's no tomorrow.

And yet another way to add panels to simple clothes to make them stand out as statement pieces.

Did I mention the amazing colour palettes?

Or the accessories that glam up an entire outfit?

I am so definitely going to use wide decorative trim to add a massive pop to a boring jacket (even though this is anything but)

Buy some paint and paint patches on loose wide leg pants.

Gah! This skirt is INCREDIBLE! I think I'll copy the look by creative a belt that I can wear over any skirt that has a long sheer tail at the back.

This can be created so easily with this right fabric and a little sewing.

Duct tape patterns on a shirt and then go nuts with spray paint, anyone?

This is odd but I love it. I think it would look so chic over a pair of skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. And it's so easy to DIY too.

And last but not least, this dress! Perhaps not this one in particular but just the shape! The idea of a straight maxi dress and cutting it at the front so that it has a long rectangular tail. I love it! From the back it's a normal long dress but from the front it's a style masterpiece. I am going to start buying straight dresses with nice prints at op shops and cutting them like this!

So many DIY ideas here! And it's all just so good, every season! And timeless too!

Sass and Bide love forever.


  1. cute!!!

  2. adore the bright watercolor looking skirt with flowy ivory tank. gorgeous! the peplum dresses are also pretty amazing. :)

  3. I've never heard of this brand before, but I fell in love with their dresses! Thanks for sharing, I'll check tem out:)

  4. I am with you on Sass & Bide- I remember them nearly a decade ago when it was jeans that they were mostly known for. They have gone a great way.


  5. I agree, their cloths are gorgeous!

  6. love sass&bide!

  7. i LOVE the black jacket!! beautiful designs.

  8. this post is awesome, these are genius DIY ideas! Love DIY!


  9. wow i LOOOOVE all these pieces! so great, thanks for posting! lovely blog :)

  10. sass & bide is one of my favourites too. look at all those different prints! every piece is brilliant perfection