Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Out of this world

Shopping! I went shopping (new shopping not op shopping) for the first time in weeks a few days ago. It was amazing! Winter fashion is everywhere now and I'm definitely glad. I'm a huge fan of this season's new looks. Here I am wearing two of my favourite buys from the day.

This dress was on sale because it was the last one in stock, I got it for half price, which is lucky because I'm not entirely sure whether we're in love or not. The cut is gorgeous and flattering and I love the low back, and I am a huge fan of galaxy prints and velvet; however I don't like the yellows and greens in the print, I wish they had have been reds and purples in the sky, much prettier!

These boots were an awesome find. They are current season, I saw them full price in the store and then found a pair, barely worn, in the box of damaged shoes in the back. They were a steal for $10 because some fantastic person couldn't handle a little bit of fading around the seams. They are unbelievably comfortable for a pair of heels and even fit my calves pretty well which doesn't usually happen. I am going to wear the absolute shit out of these this winter!

And that's all for now. Loving my bargain buys!


  1. I like the back of your dress!


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  2. oh wow! that dress is amazing! :)

  3. cute!!!

  4. i think it's a big bargain;)) i love galaxy print;))
    i need a dress like that;))
    lovely blog, i follow you;))


  5. amazing dress!!! visit my blog on
    xoxo Marika

  6. that galaxy print dress is amazing, i love it!

  7. You looook awesome!!! that dress rules!!!!!!!!
    You styled it amazzing!!!!
    Big kiss
    xox Beckerman Girls

  8. Lovely!!!


  9. Love this dress!

    Peace & Delight,
    Bel Kazan

  10. Lovely dress!!! ♥

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti

  11. The prints were cute!

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  12. What lovely little finds
    That dress is amazing, definitely a keeper it looks great on you!

  13. oh my god that dress is fuckin sick!

  14. I love that dresss and the cut looks great on you. I'm sure you will grow to love once you've read the dozen compliments haah!
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  15. gorgeous dress!

  16. This dress is soooo sickkk! I looove it(: