Thursday, March 29, 2012

Josephine Mastus

This stunning woman is my grandmother. She was quite honestly the most beautiful woman in the world to me, and was as kind and caring as she was endlessly gorgeous. She died from cancer one month ago, which was the catastrophic event mentioned in my first post. I miss her every moment of the day and I would love to share her brilliance with the world. She will never be forgotten.
Grandma and Dulcie, her mother and my great grandmother who passed away from the same disease.
Little Josie and Father Christmas 1948.
Aunty Mary, Uncle Bill (who still looks like a Beatle) and grandma.
Grandma and Grandad George. If it weren't for these two I would never have seen true love growing up. I remember once the three of us were sitting on a train, I was next to Grandad and he was opposite Grandma. Grandma slipped off her sandal and touched the side of her foot to Grandad's ankle, and touched him gently like that for the entire trip. I never ever forgot that even though I was very young. They are soulmates.
This is Grandma and I about ten years ago I'd say. This photo is how I remember my Grandma. Although she was in her late 50s and early 60s as I grew older, she was never old. Her style was simple and classic, she was always a lady.
This is Grandma after cancer the first time. She was so brave, despite having always taken great care with her overall appearance and particularly her hair, after it all fell out she didn't wear a wig. She let her grey hair grow in its own time and for the first time, probably ever, she stuck with her natural hair colour. And it looked fantastic, short grey hair a little spiked up, it suited her. She was the most fantastic and stunning grandmother that there was, and nothing mattered to her more than family. She was generous, genuinely caring and an absolutely fantastic woman. The world, and my world, is a sadder place without her. We miss you, Josephine.


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